Sell Your Yacht

At Continental Yachts, our goal is to create a new standard in yacht sales. 

We not only pride ourselves on our ability to help our customers find their dream yacht, but also our ability in selling them as well. With our large client list, our new website, and our trusted name, we will make sure all your yachting needs are met. Each of our listings are featured on some of the top yachting websites in the world. If you need a company who will take every interest in to mind when selling your yacht, then C.Y. is your place. You can count on our experienced and dedicated team to take care of you. 

Our Virtual Tours package for each listing is something that sets us apart, and makes us unique from other companies. When buying a boat, this allows the customer to view the yacht before actually stepping onboard. In this modern day and age, why wouldn’t you want to be in the comfort of your living room finding the yacht of your dreams!

On top of our Virtual Tours, we will now be incorporating a custom video for each listing. Although it’s still in the process, we will be implementing a YouTube channel to showcase each of our new listings as well. Through that channel, the buyer can watch a full walk through of the vessel and get yet another virtual perspective.


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